Superb Features

  • Fully furnished

    All of our student accommodation is fully furnished so all you need to bring are your books, bedding and kitchen utensils, we’ll do the rest.

  • Close to University

    We have an unrivalled portfolio of student housing in Hull each of the main student areas which are all within walking distance to the University of Hull.

  • No utility bills

    Our rent is inclusive of your gas, water, electricity and internet charges meaning you won’t receive a single bill.

  • Safe and secure

    In our student accommodation, security alarms come as standard and each bedroom features a lockable door. Our on call management team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Superfast internet

    The vast majority of our student houses and accommodation feature fibre-optic broadband for a safe, reliable and lightning-fast experience.

  • Entertainment ready

    All of our accommodation feature a flat-screen HD-TV with Freeview ready for you to relax after your studies.

1-16 bedroom houses available

We offer properties located in each of the main Hull University accommodation and student living areas which are focused around Beresford Avenue, Newland Avenue, Cottingham Road and Beverley Road. Our unrivalled portfolio includes 1-16 bedroom houses and if you were looking to live close to your friends, we have properties on the same street or which are next door to each other.

Address: 570 Beverley Road, Hull, HU6 7LG

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.00am - 6.00pm

Call or text: 07779 908 908

Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

We're looking for student accommodation for the next academic year, how can you help?

Please let us know how many bedrooms you require and we can show a range of accommodation based on any preferences you may have. Viewings can be arranged at a time to suit you and free transport is provided. Book your viewings now!

What is provided with each house?

Simply Students provides you with everything you need to enjoy student living in Kingston Upon Hull. All our properties are fully furnished including kitchen appliances, living room sofas and TV, security alarms, beds, bookcases, wardrobes, desks, chairs, drawers and high-speed internet access.

Are utility bills included?

Yes. The gas, electricity, water, TV licence and internet charges are all included in your rental amount, meaning your student accommodation with us will be hassle-free, it's simple. We ask you to be sensible and considerate towards the environment. A fair usage policy applies.

Do I have to pay council tax?

You are exempt from council tax as a student, even if you are here on work experience. Upon signing your contract you will need to provide your student ID number which we will send to Hull City Council to ensure your accommodation’s exemption. If you choose to live with a non-student, then council tax would become due.

Are there any up front costs?

An advance payment of £125.00 per tenant towards the rent is due upon signing a tenancy agreement, or within an agreed period of time. No administration fees or deposits are required.

What about maintenance?

We have a dedicated caretaker team who aim to resolve all your maintenance issues on a first visit basis. Occasionally difficult repairs require additional parts to be ordered, in these instances we will strive to fix the problem in a timely manner and keep you updated on our progress.

Can we extend our tenancy agreement for another year?

Absolutely! Existing tenants are always given first priority over the property they are staying in. We will contact each property asking if you would like to stay another academic year.

Can couples share rooms?

Only the named tenant can be in full time occupation of any room. It would not only be a breach of contract to have a permanent guest but it is also against regulations.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, we have to take a very strict policy to prohibit pets from entering the premises. Not only can they attract vermin and fleas, pets can cause damage to the property, in particular walls, fabrics and carpets.

Do you insure my possessions?

Your contents are often insured under your parent’s policy; refer to their terms and conditions for more information. If your parent’s policy does not insure your possessions, you are advised to take out your own possessions insurance.

What if my rent payment is going to be late?

Always let us know at the earliest opportunity so we can assist with your problem. We always seek a mutually agreeable solution in the first instance. Otherwise late payments of more than 14 days will attract annual interest charged at the Bank of England’s base rate plus 3% until the debt has been cleared, unless prior arrangements in writing have been arranged.

What happens if I lose my keys?

You are responsible for ensuring keys are returned at the end of your tenancy. If your keys are lost replacement keys are available at a cost of £10 each from our office. If this occurs out of office hours there will be a £15 call out charge payable to the attending member of staff.

Do you have an out of hours contact number?

Yes. In the case of an emergency, please call 07747863659. Should you have a gas leak, please also call Transco on 0800111999.

What is your cancellation policy

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding document between the landlord and the tenants which determines the rights and responsibilities of both parties as well as the terms and conditions for renting a property. By signing a contract, you confirm that you have read, thoroughly understood and agree to give your consent to the terms of agreement. If you no longer wish to move into a property that you have entered into an agreement for, or you wish to move out of a property you currently reside in, you must inform us in writing at the earliest opportunity. Tenants are required to ensure rent payments are met in full, notwithstanding the fact that the tenant may cease to occupy the premises for whatever reason. This is because the landlord is not obliged to accept a loss of income. The landlord will accept a suitable replacement tenant who agrees to move in and pay rent in the tenant's absence. It is the tenant's responsibility to find a replacement tenant though in some cases given sufficient notice we can offer our assistance. The replacement tenant must be a full-time student and must sign a tenancy agreement secured with an advance rent payment and their supporting documents. In some cases, we may be unable to find a replacement tenant who is able to pay the full rental amount but shows a considerable interest in the room and agrees to meet most of the rental amount. In which case we would advise a sensible offer is accepted. The tenant is responsible for any losses the landlord may suffer as a result of permitting a revised arrangement and any shortfall in rent must be met by the original tenant. Any change, novation or assignment to an existing agreement will attract charges equal to £50.00 or the reasonable costs incurred by the landlord to carry out the necessary alterations. Initial rent payments received shall be retained in lieu of such costs and any further balance if applicable shall become due.


Please let us know when you're available and we will contact you to confirm your viewings shortly.
Viewings take approximately 1 hour and we can arrange your transport, free of charge, if this helps.